Indonesian Blue Opal Cabochons- INDOMINERAL


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Tube Agate Cabochon

Source : Sumatera, Indonesia
Size : 25 x 28 x 6 mm
Weight : 7 Grams

Tube Agate is a gorgeous stone that is coming from the mountain regions of Jambi, Sumatra. with unusual webs of intricate white tube formations filled with translucent chalcedony. A truly rare and collectible world class gem. Very translucent slightly brown with white inclusions that are shaped like tubes, it make great gemstone cabochons for jewelry. It is beautiful apricot-colored agate with tubes throughout the material. Not just brown to white, but it also have red to pink hues spraying in all directions. The sunlight washes out the pale yellow color that you see in the indoors pictures, but it does have a pale yellow tint to it. Some tubes look like fireworks, others like pink palm trees, and still others just go in all directions, which gives the cab designer a lot to choose from. This stone boasts a fascinating pattern of sagenitic tubes, outlined in white, that resemble cut straws, contrasting nicely against a translucent background that make an interesting and very unique pattern.