Indonesian Blue Opal Cabochons- INDOMINERAL


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Maligano Jasper Cabochon

Source : Sulawesi, Indonesia. 
Size : 40 x 25 x 4 mm
Weight : 8 Grams

Maligano jasper from Sulawesi, Indonesia, is truly one of the most
interesting picture jasper. Some of them reveals what looks like the
aerial view of a Fall landscape, the sunset in the valley, or even the
coastline and the blue gray waters of the Atlantic. Sometimes it reveals
a small stream drains from a pond into the sea, or perhaps you will see
something else altogether. Is just spectacular with its scenic forms that
resemble a landscape and are extenuated by the buttery-yellow background,
an autumnal feel. Such an awesome portrait made by Mother Nature herself.

A fabulous scenic jasper that include pale yellow, orangey brown & grey
picture with beautiful natural patterns, a rich color inclusions that
make this stone very rare, it's absolutely beautiful in person, an open
back design can show off both sides of the lovely scenic jasper, perfect
to create an eye catching one-of-a-kind piece of gorgeous jewelry.