Fossilized Corall Cabochon - INDOMINERAL

Agatized Fossil Coral Cabochon

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Fossilized Corall Cabochon

Source : Sumatera, Indonesia. 
Size : 38 x 12 x 3 mm
Weight : 2 Grams

Fossilized Corall is not taken live from oceans, but can be 20 million years old and some are mined in mountain tops, especially in Indonesia and is also known as Fossilized Corall, it can vary greatly in colour due to mineral oxidation from soft pastel ivory to dark browns and even whites to black colours, the patterns can be small and delicate and some to large shapes and skeletal-like ancient coral patterns, most often appearing in single flower shapes.

Fossilized Corall from Indonesia has reputation as the best pattern. These fossils were forced up into mountains millions of years ago in earthquake activity, even volcanic ash has been found in some fossils. Permineralization is filling of spaces in the coral with minerals before processed into agate rocks, fossilized Corall brings the power of the changing sea to your efforts to change your life.

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