Indonesian Blue Opal Cabochons- INDOMINERAL

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Blue Opal Cabochon

Origin : West Java, Indonesia.
Size : 19 x 18 x 5 mm
Weight : 2 Grams

Blue Opal is a form of petrified wood which has developed an opalescent sheen or, more rarely, it is a fossil which the wood from the tree has been completely replaced by opal silicate over a long period of time. The petrified wood was formed when tree material (wood) is buried by sediment. The ground water which was rich in dissolved copper, iron, manganese, silica and Opal minerals flowed through the sediment and these minerals gradually replaced the wood. The presence of Copper and Cobalt gives the mineral a blue color and Silica gives it a white and gray color. Manganese Oxides and carbon give it a black color. The source deposit found on the steep slopes of Mt. Tjikolak. It is a stunning hard-to-find wood fossil, Some of them comes with parts of natural visible copper deposit visible at the front. Pretty colors of greenish sea blue, and black pattern. Perfect to create an eye catching one-of-a-kind piece.