Blue Opal Cabochons

Blue Opal is the hot new stone for Tucson a few years ago, the stone has a thick band of deep gemmy blues with blacks, yellow flecks, and copper inclusions running across the stones. Founded as an ancient petrified forest which had been pushed over by the deluge of “stuff” from a volcanic explosion. Imagine all those fallen trees on the slope after the eruption covered with other layers of the debris of thousands of years in the future. Once the tree’s wood actually decomposed, which took thousands of years, it was replaced with opaline silica. The water in that silica was very rich in dissolved copper, iron, and manganese. Those copper and manganese deposits are now found inside this blue opal. The opalized brownish color on the outside of the stones is obviously petrified wood, but magic is inside. The lush, rich blue is feathered with manganese and native copper dendrites, some which look like snowflakes or feathers.